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About Us

A warm welcome to you at Little Crazy Life!

We are Gaurav and Nishtha, the people behind Little Crazy Life! We studied together, fell in love with each other, and got married to each other. So, simple, isn’t it? 

I am simply crazy about photography and she is just mad for making each of the photoshoot a lovely experience for our clients. I brainstorm for the new angles and ways to click the photos and she keeps looking for the new ideas and concepts for the photoshoots. And the result is that together, we create some unbelievable magical stories.

We at Little Crazy Life are there to create beautiful frozen memories for you which you can cherish forever. The idea behind this is to bring a sweet smile on your face whenever you look at those lovely photos we clicked for you.

“This life is nothing but a beautifully made collage of the memories you make. Enjoy it!”

Being lovers, life-partners, and now proud parents, we know how important it is to preserve those little yet precious memories of our life. Those moments will never come back again. So, why not to make them memorable for you so that you can look at them again and smile. We at Little Crazy Life are there to help you in doing that.

Feel free to contact us for a chitchat session over a coffee where we can discuss with you the photography requirements, ideas, and all the big and small details so that you can peacefully go ahead with your photoshoot. Of course, the coffee will be on us! 🙂

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